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All successful investing advice will be digitally powered human advice.

Level Up

Level up with fully-integrated digital tools


Engage clients with the power of behavioural finance


Grow by delivering customized digital advice using AI portfolio optimization

Pascal for

Wealth Management firms

Transform your firm’s ability to scale up and thrive with a fully-integrated digital client-centric infrastructure that connects your front and back offices seamlessly and lets you consolidate multiple product silos and legacy systems.

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Pascal for

Portfolio Managers

Harness the transformative power of a seamless, highly-intuitive turnkey solution to enhance client engagement, achieve greater business processing efficiencies and scale your practice while providing investment solutions to help you serve your clients more holistically, effectively and personally.

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Pascal for

Financial Advisors

A human financial advisor delivering AI-generated, investor-DNA-tailored advice is a beautiful thing.

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Pascal is a digital technology company.

Because wealth management industry has a digital opportunity.

Pascal is here to enable wealth management firms, portfolio managers and financial advisors to level up, engage and grow using the only fully integrated, AI-powered, behavioural finance informed wealth management platform in Canada.

Pascal is led by a team of industry leaders and seasoned veterans who know what it truly takes to deliver the performative innovation.

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Frances Zomer – CEO

Frances Zomer


How Pascal Thinks

“No global industry is further behind the technological eight ball than finance.”

Frances Zomer Frances Zomer LinkedIn

Howard Atkinson - Chief Strategic Advisor

Howard Atkinson

Chief Business Officer

How Pascal Thinks

“A client’s financial world can be quite complex. Our fully integrated AI-powered digital platform addresses all of the issues, empowering wealth professionals to help their clients achieve his or her life goals.”

Howard Atkinson Howard Atkinson LinkedIn

Doug Anweiler - VP Marketing

Doug Anweiler

VP Marketing
Alain Samson, PhD - Chief Scientist – Behavioural Research

Alain Samson, PhD

Chief Scientist – Behavioural Research

How Pascal Thinks

“Do clients know their biases, behaviours and blind spots? Pascal InvestorDNA solves this. Welcome to CKY: Client Know Yourself. Now when a client says, ‘My advisor really gets me,’ there is Pascal science to it.”

Alain Samson, PhD Alain Samson LinkedIn

Prasad Ramani - Chief Strategist – Behavioural Finance

Prasad Ramani

Chief Strategist – Behavioural Finance
Chris Macleod - Legal & Corporate Governance

Chris Macleod

Legal & Corporate Governance

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