Pascal for

Wealth Management firms

Transform your firm’s ability to scale up and thrive with a fully-integrated digital client-centric infrastructure that connects your front and back offices seamlessly and lets you consolidate multiple product silos and legacy systems.

Pascal InvestorDNA Onboarding

Advisor-assisted or client self-serve paperless onboarding

Digital ID verification

Secure bank integration & sync

Digital agreements, documents & e-signatures

Behavioural finance risk and client profiling

Investment Research & Analysis

Comprehensive analytics for your product shelf, investment ideas and research

Manage your Know Your Product (KYP) compliance

Navigate product comparisons, and risk/return analysis

AI Portfolio Optimization

Unbiased portfolio construction, monitoring and compliance

Access our state of the art AI algorithms which can handle even large scale mathematical problems in seconds

Broad range of optimization factors

Based on clients established risk limits and investment guidelines

Model Portfolios

Model and customized portfolios (virtual funds)

Portfolio construction and rebalancing

Hold any type of security

Workflows and alerts

Based on client's established risk limits and investment guidelines

Workflows & Alerts Engine

Automates client management by identifying items that require advice and engagement

Expansive 50+ alert types including investment guidelines, performance, engagement, transactions, allocations

Saved searches drive alerts, workflow and engagement

Configurable at wealth firm and advisor levels

Unified Managed Accounts

Support for multiple model portfolios per account alongside standalone securities

Create optimal portfolios by allocating sleeves to different SMA portfolios

External & internal SMA management - Sleeve investment capabilities with external SMA managers

CRM & Secure Inbox

Solve the communication gap

Let clients see you. Securely book a client video and phone call

Aggregator of external assets including investments, property and insurance policies

Multi-Custodian Infrastructure

Trade connectivity and execution directly to custodians and dealer platforms

Robust order management capabilities

Workflows for trade file, management and approval of block orders and trade allocations by percentage or amount

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