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You’re moving mountains to support your clients during the coronavirus crisis. It’s who you are. Pascal is here to help you level up, engage and prevail.

We’ve developed a special advisor tech bundle from the Pascal wealthtech platform. We call it Prevail. We are making Prevail available for free until September 1st during the pandemic because now, more than ever, is the time to get and stay close to clients. With Prevail, you can:

  • Solve the communication gap created by physical distancing
  • Provide investor comfort on their portfolio with stress-testing analytics
  • Dispense client insights with behavioural finance
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Improve client engagement with Prevail

Prevail is flexible

You can invite your clients to access the products in our bundle: the client dashboard, secure inbox, InvestorDNA+, engagement hub and video and phone appointment features.

Prevail saves time

Client lists can be batch uploaded as a CSV using first and last name and an email address.

Prevail is secure & vigilant

Prevail’s secure inbox solution always confirms that any message is coming from the right person. Prevail uses industry standard encryption to securely store your data in our AWS-backed Canadian cloud hosting location.

Prevail protects your independence

All client data you upload to the Prevail platform remains data you own. You can export it at any time.


Securely book a client Video & Phone call with Prevail.

Leveraging Pascal's advanced security, Prevail video calls are hassle-free and completely secure. No downloads required. The one-click link will only be active during the appointed time.

Provides structure for calling clients. Inviting clients for a call is simple. Your client receives an alert.

Seeing is believing. Seeing is comforting. A video call is the right call for a real human connection.

When you invite a client for a video call a link for the call appears alongside the appointment.

Notifications are sent out to you and your client 15 minutes before the call.


Your Prevail
engagement hub

Share your advice and updates in templated emails.

Access timely, relevant, credible news content that is compliance vetted.

Know what is working. Our system tracks how many clients opened your secure email, how many engaged with your content and ensures clients don’t get the same content twice.

See the full picture over time

Visualize any portfolio against historical black-swan events

Create Portfolio

Adding portfolio details as part of Prevail is simple. Import or manually create any portfolio.


Run analytics against historical scenarios, specifically the 2008 financial crisis, the 2013 Fukushima nuclear shock and the 2018 December market flip.

Look Beyond

Help your clients look beyond the pandemic health crisis.

See your true client.

InvestorDNA PLUS

Clients are human. Like all humans they have biases, blind spots and behaviours that can unconsciously shape financial decision making.

Uncovering those biases and behaviours, giving your client’s a wealth of self-knowledge, can be a game changer for your relationship during these challenging times.

InvestorDNA+ is Pascal’s behavioural finance tool, and your way of sending clients a powerful message that says, “Let’s work together to help you understand yourself better.”

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Engagement Hub, CRM, Secure Inbox and Video Appointments


Stress Testing


Advisor Tech Bundle (all of the above)



Prevail Webinar Series

Our webinar series is designed to support advisors through these challenging times with thoughtful discussions and content, and actionable takeaways.

#12 July 15, 2020

Fortifying Portfolios - What? How?

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Help us help others

For those experiencing heightened anxiety and depression in this time of stress, online and telephone-based mental health supports can keep them connected to the help they need to cope. It’s why in lieu of providing Pascal Prevail for a fee we invite advisors and firms to donate whatever they wish to CMHA to help this important organization continue its mission of care.

Because meaningful human engagement during these times is important for all.

What people need most right now is social connection, because real connection is essential to our mental health.

Margaret Eaton

CEO of the Canadian Mental Health Association

Pascal is ready to help

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